As I sit here in my car listening to music I am mentally preparing myself to tackle this healthy addiction while I am thinking of a million and one excuses why I should just drive home to avoid going to the gym. I always ignore that little devil on the left side of my shoulder and force myself because I know after the gym I'll feel strong (physically), it's going for my health, and I'll look that much better on the beach hahaha.

My reason for saying all of this is simply to say this, joining any gym can be scary. You probably don't know what you're doing, the people around you are much stronger, and everyone is in great shape. Did you ever think about you can be that person too if you start? It's okay to be scared. It comes with the territory of new experiences, but try it out. Stay consistent for at least one month. I can promise you that the results are going to cause a serious "healthy" addiction. Within in a year, you'll be glad you did it and now you are no longer the new person you think everyone is looking at. Weeks later, the cycle will repeat itself and someone new will be feeling the same way. Everyone wants the nice body, but nobody wants to put in work and do what it takes to have that nice body. Join me on the journey to a healthy life. Health is wealth!!