Smarter Biography continues to evolve as an AI-led platform to help companies connect more deeply to customers with new management changes

Smarter Biography is proud to have our former CEO, Wasim Khan join Ripcord, the world’s first robotics digitization company, as Chief Digital Officer.

As co-founder of Smarter Biography, Wasim has helped to establish the company, drive the funding and business development efforts along with the AI innovation strategy.

Wasim will transition into the Chairman role for Smarter Biography, and Juanita Olguin, co-founder, will move into the CEO role.

“Smarter Biography is a special endeavor for me that will make an impact for key companies and brands. I am ecstatic to stay on as Chairman to continue shepherding the AI and innovation around smart content”, says Wasim.

Smarter Biography is an early stage startup that was founded to help preserve life experiences and stories using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company has evolved to focus on helping companies in the B2B2C space offer a storytelling platform to end customers in order to create dynamic and ongoing audience engagement.

“I’m excited to continue pushing Smarter Biography down the journey of helping companies transcend their brands and to deliver on their brand promises with our innovative platform. Wasim has been incredible and we’ll continue to work together hand-in-hand”, says Juanita.

Companies everywhere struggle with engaging key stakeholders – specifically customers and employees. By leveraging an AI-led storytelling platform, companies can provide their stakeholders an authentic way to have ongoing dialogue, can empower stakeholders to share their experiences, and can learn from data to fuel future decisions and innovations.

About Smarter Biography

Smarter Biography is an AI-led digital storytelling platform that helps people and businesses create deeper connections through ongoing engagement and education. The platform leverages an autobiographical format to help companies transcend their brands and offer stakeholders a platform to share their brand as well as personal life experiences. To learn more, visit

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