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A brief introduction to how the platform works


Step 01

Easy chapter or milestone topic selection

We provide a detailed list of key milestone or category topics. Provide a list to be prepopulated for easy selection.

Step 02

Simple content input by answering key questions

Be it writing or voice to text, our Auti conversational chatbot will guide through a series of prebuilt questions.


Step 03

Enhance the topics, with our ‘Content schemas’

We customize content schemas by key topics. This is continuous as we train our models to deliver a rich user experience.

Step 04

Auto creation of story and a way to track going forward

We auto create and tag content in a story so you are one step closer to creating your autobiographical content.


Step 05

Use new content suggestions by topic to enhance your customer experience

We train our generative AI models to provide you with new content suggestions from existing stories.