Did you know that 70% of US workers are not engaged!? And 89% of employers think employees leave their company for more money but only 12% do.1

Imagine having an engaged workforce that contributes 2.5X more revenue to the business as compared to your nearest competition.

The good news is that you can achieve this. You can control and manage how your organization is perceived and most importantly, you can show employees that you have an open mind, a beating heart, and support transparency.

Communication at most organizations (and since the beginning of time) has been “top down” which does not support an open and inclusive culture that is accepting to new ideas.

We need a refresh and a rethink about how we treat our employees beyond the golden treatment that is afforded during the few weeks of recruitment courting.

Too often, employees are sold dreams of opportunity that quickly dissipate once the employee joins an organization and is left to fend for him or herself.

This turns into resentment, disengagement, and retreat over time if employees are not having meaningful conversations within their organization – which is especially easy to do in larger companies.

It is common knowledge that a manager shapes an employee’s experience and while that seems great, that leaves a 50% chance that an employee may have a very bad experience. And keep in mind that an employee is not joining a manager, but joining a company. Being able to meaningfully connect with others is a human necessity and bodes well for the overall organization.

Bad news spreads fast (think Glassdoor) and good news & experiences are not highlighted enough (surveys just don’t cut it anymore). Control your company narrative and the treatment of your employees by thinking differently.

We don’t believe that technology is the total answer, but we do believe that it can offer a good starting point to facilitate meaningful conversation within an organization, in a central location, that is open and accessible to all and allows for real & authentic community building.

That’s what we offer with Smarter Biography – an AI-led storytelling platform.

If the above resonates, we’d love to hear from you! If you’d like to learn more about what we do, simply reach out. But consider how things are done today & how they can be done differently.

An extra little takeaway for you:  

  • Today’s Status Quo in HR Organizations -
    • Employees only get asked about their desires:
      • During the interview process
      • During an annual review (and maybe sometimes bi-annual check-in)
      • During a one-off, inaccessible, annual survey which likely offers no commentary from employees
    • Employers provide “engagement” by -
      • Telling their employees to follow them on social media
      • By featuring 1 or 2 high potential employees via video
      • By offering an internal social media presence of fleeting posts
    • But… where is the authentic, meaningful, and trusted space where employees can -
      • Share their work reflections (publicly or privately)
      • Respond to meaningful employer questions in a central & community-oriented platform, and
      • Learn from, connect to and inspire one another

Be part of the 30% that thinks differently and offers employees #somethingmore.

1 Source: OfficeVibe, April 2017: 10 Shocking Statistics About Disengaged Employees